The Earliest Known Plant Fossils?

Answer The study of plant fossil is an important part of modern science. By observing plant fossils and their structures, scientists can clarify questions about the origin of life and evolution of species... Read More »

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When do the earliest discovered fossils date back to?

According to Virginia Tech's Research Magazine's Winter 2010 issue, the earliest discovered fossils date to about 600 million years ago. They are embryo microfossils discovered by Shuhai Xiao near ... Read More »

What was the earliest known keyboard instrument?

The earliest known keyboard instrument was the hydraulis. This instrument was created in Greece during the third century B.C. by Ctesibius of Alexandria, according to The Archaeology Channel. It wa... Read More »

How old are the oldest known fossils?

The oldest known fossils on Earth are fossilized microorganisms known as stromatolites. The remains of cyanobacteria, ancient microbes that produced oxygen, they are located in Western Australia an... Read More »

What was the earliest known group of living organisms on Earth?

It is impossible to determine absolutely the earliest living organisms using today's scientific techniques. Although most scientists agree that the Archaea, simple bacteria-like organisms, were the... Read More »