The Disadvantages of a Steam Turbine?

Answer The first steam turbine invention dates back to the first century AD. The so called "aeolipile or Hero engine" is considered to be the first recorded steam engine. Its modern manifestation was inve... Read More »

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How big is a steam turbine?

Steam turbines come in a wide range of sizes. The smallest today produce about 0.75 kilowatts of energy, whereas the largest produce more than 1,750 megawatts. The latter are used in nuclear and co... Read More »

Steam Turbine Requirements?

A steam turbine is used for creating mechanical power in rotating motion of steam at temperature and pressure above that of an accessible sink. By far the most powerful turbines are those powered b... Read More »

What is the energy used by a steam driven turbine?

Steam driven turbines convert a fuel’s potential energy into kinetic energy. The steam turbine was invented in 1884 by Charles Algernon Parsons, who discovered how to use steam to produce kinetic... Read More »

How to Calculate the Steam Temperature in a Turbine?

Steam turbines generate about 80 percent of the utility electrical power produced worldwide. Since these turbines extract their energy from steam by expanding it through progressively larger area ... Read More »