The Disadvantages of Traditional Animation?

Answer The introduction of 3-D animation at the end of the 20th Century led to the decline of traditional, or hand-drawn, animation. The disadvantages of traditional animation encouraged artists to embrac... Read More »

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How to Create Your Own Traditional Animation?

Do you ever watch some old Disney movie and wish that you could make a animation like them? This article will show you how.

Traditional Animation Colleges in New York City?

While New York City is a mecca for higher learning, only one college comes close to being exclusively devoted to traditional--that is, not computer generated--animation. The School of Visual Arts i... Read More »

Non-Traditional Learning Advantages and Disadvantages?

The advantages and disadvantages of non-traditional learning depend on the precise circumstances involved. Advantages and disadvantages also depend on the education level at which the non-tradition... Read More »

Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Education?

The traditional educational model has been widely accepted in the United States for generations. However, it has drawbacks alongside its advantages, and may not even be necessary for all students. ... Read More »