The Disadvantages of Religion in Schools?

Answer Public schools are funded by the government. Since the U.S. Constitution forbids the government from passing any laws favoring one religion over another, public schools rarely use religion in the c... Read More »

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Religion & Schools?

The United States Constitution conveys the separation of church and state in two separate clauses, known as the "Establishment Clause" and the "Free-Exercise Clause." The Establishment Clause disal... Read More »

No Religion in Public Schools in the U.S.?

In America, students have a variety of religious faiths, such as Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism. Although these beliefs are likely very important to many students, unless a school is private, i... Read More »

Religion Issues in Schools?

The Constitution of the United States guarantees every child the right to a free public education. It also guarantees freedom of religion and a separation between church and state. To respect and f... Read More »

Is it right to teach religion in schools?

On One Hand: Religion Should Be Taught in SchoolReligion is an important part of society, and it's possible to learn a large amount about a culture from its religion. Greek myths show a lot about G... Read More »