The Disadvantages of Pulleys?

Answer The pulley system is a simple device that uses a rope attached around a wheel to lift heavy objects. The main benefit of the pulley is that it can actually reduce the amount of force necessary to l... Read More »

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How to Use Pulleys?

You can use a pulley to change the direction of a force to lift an object. Pulleys can also be part of a system that allows you to lift an object with less force. You can think of a pulley system a... Read More »

How do pulleys work?

A pulley is a simple mechanical device used to lift heavy loads. Pulleys change the direction of a force, thereby making it easier to raise loads. Pulleys are used in many settings, including the c... Read More »

Where were pulleys invented?

Pulleys, a type of simple machine that people use to move objects upward, were likely invented in Mesopotamia, according to an article by Odis Griffin Jr. for the Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia. In... Read More »

When were pulleys invented?

Like many ancient machines, no one knows exactly when pulleys were invented or by whom. Archimedes, who lived from 287 B.C. to c. 212 B.C., may have been the inventor of the first block and tackle... Read More »