The Disadvantages of No Phone Zones?

Answer Cell phones can be helpful devices but when used at inappropriate times can also be disruptive and distracting. As a result, some people and places have dedicated areas such as offices, cars and ho... Read More »

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How to Get T-Zones on Your Phone?

T-Mobile's t-zones feature allows you to check your account information on your phone or computer, and gives you updates on T-Mobile services and current news events. Even though t-zones does not u... Read More »

Disadvantages of Phone Masts?

Phone masts, also known as cell phone towers, are the tall structures that make it possible for cell phone users to communicate from most developed locations around the world. Phone masts may be fr... Read More »

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cell phone?

hello friend, there are both advantages and disadvantages in all instruments,even in all beings including you and me,there are positives and,the same way,cell phones have positives an... Read More »

What are theAdvantages and disadvantages of nokia 5130mobile phone?

It is called an accellerometer. Electrons located in a chip with sensors in all directions on it move due to gravity. The sensors know which way the device is pointed, therefore changing position o... Read More »