The Disadvantages of Media on Youth?

Answer Some experts say that television, computer use and video games can have positive affects on children. Young children can learn the alphabet through educational TV shows. Older children can practice... Read More »

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What is the impact of media on youth?

the 6th hokage is gonna be naruto and the 7th hokage is gonna be sasuke and kakashi does not ever become the hokage I think the sixth hokage will be Naruto and the seventh hokage will be Konohamar... Read More »

Does the media corrupts the minds of the youth today?

Yes, absolutely. One look at statistics can tell you that there is a direct and indisputable link between increasingly vast quantities of all forms of media and , domestic and gang-related, among y... Read More »

What Are Some Disadvantages of Online Media Delivery?

The Internet makes instant delivery of information a reality. Traditional forms of media have suffered lower readership and ratings because of the power and convenience of the Internet. Still, onli... Read More »

Everytime i open the via media app on my vizio tv it says "no media detected" what media can I use and how do?

This app takes advantage of a firmware update that activated the USB ports on the TV. You can plug in a USB drive, and the TV can now detect it and display/play media from the drive. On my TV it s... Read More »