The Disadvantages of Judicial Precedent?

Answer Judicial precedent is a system in which lower court judges use the final rulings of previous Supreme Court cases in order to arrive at a final judgment. This system offers lower court judges a set ... Read More »

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Legal Definition of Precedent as Related to Contract Changes?

There is wide latitude in how precedent can impact a contract at time of negotiation. Legally, precedent means an authoritative prior decision, principle of law, case law, controlling law, establis... Read More »

How do you combine precedent cells in Excel while preserving data values?

It would have been better if you had supplied the actual values and/or formulas and cell references that you are talking about in your example.Without that to go on, it is possible, but it usually ... Read More »

What law set the precedent that private enterprise was subject to government control?

Is judicial representative capitalized?

Judicial representative should be capitalized when used as a formal title and accompanies a person's name. It is also capitalized when it is used to refer to its full governmental departments or me... Read More »