The Disadvantages of Growing Up Bilingual?

Answer Being bilingual has many advantages. It can make learning other languages easier, open the door to many different career opportunities and make life experiences, such as international travel, a bre... Read More »

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What are the disadvantages of growing up as a boy?

Answer Well, besides for anatomy there are no disadvantages to grow up as a boy. Your gender is only a small part of a persons being. Just embrace who you are and be good to yourself and others. L... Read More »

What are some disadvantages of growing your own food?

The Disadvantages of Growing Plants in Soil?

Although most traditional gardening and farming is done in the soil, growing plants in soil does have some disadvantages. Nutrient levels in the soil are unpredictable and the nutrients may be inac... Read More »

Advantages and disadvantages of growing in an extended family?

In English, your brother's daughter is called your niece. You are her aunt if you are a woman or her uncle if you are a man.