The Disadvantages of Growing Plants in Soil?

Answer Although most traditional gardening and farming is done in the soil, growing plants in soil does have some disadvantages. Nutrient levels in the soil are unpredictable and the nutrients may be inac... Read More »

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What type of soil is the best for growing plants?

Loamy soil is the best soil to grow is nor sandy or drains water holds more water.

How to Prepare Soil for Growing Lavender Plants in Indiana?

Lavender grows as a perennial shrub, reaching approximately two feet in height at maturity. Narrow gray-green leaves grow on the shrub's many woody branches. Originating in the mountainous region o... Read More »

Do plants grow best in organic soil or fertilized soil?

On One Hand: The Benefits of Commercial FertilizersWhen we want to give a few nutrients to our plants, commercial fertilizers often come to mind. Commercial fertilizers give an instant and powerful... Read More »

My elephant ear plants are not growing good and some of them have yellow leaves. i got the plants at walmart?

they should be fine just plant them in partial shade/sun and water a little more than usual and the plants will become green again