The Disadvantages of Cotton Fibers?

Answer Many shoppers choose to buy cotton fiber clothing. It is inexpensive, comes in a myriad of colors and is comfortable to wear. Unfortunately, cotton fibers have many disadvantages, which should be c... Read More »

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Where and when were cotton fibers first used?

Scientists and historians have found shreds of cloth or written reference to cotton dating back at least seven-thousand years. Evidence of the use of cotton in the form of thread has been found in ... Read More »

Where were cotton fibers first used?

Answer Cotton fabric remnants have been discovered in Mexico dating from over 7000 years ago. Because cotton deteriorates so easily, it is impossible to tell where it originated, as there is no rem... Read More »

Advantages and Disadvantages of Man-Made Fibers?

Since the World War II, one of the greatest advances in materials has been nylon, a chemical-based material which revolutionized clothing. There are now vast numbers of these man-made fibers, such ... Read More »

Advantages & Disadvantages of Natural Fibers?

Advantages and disadvantages of natural fibers in general relate to durability, fiber strength and commercial acceptance. Other considerations include cost, the renewable nature of natural fibers c... Read More »