The Disadvantages of Biometric Time Clocks?

Answer The world of biometrics continues to alter technology as it proceeds to advance and become more sophisticated. Although biometrics' primary use has been in the area of security it has also become e... Read More »

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Is a biometric time clock legal?

As of July 2010, there are no laws that restrict the use of biometric time clocks. Biometric time clocks were developed to reduce paperwork, ease the process of clocking in and to prevent employees... Read More »

When Were Time Clocks Invented?

Time clocks are a mechanical timepiece used to track hours worked by employees. The recorder was invented by Willard Bundy in November, 1888. He and his brother Harlow Bundy created the first time ... Read More »

How did man tell time before clocks were made?

Before the invention of clocks, man told time using a sundial. The earliest sundials were created by lodging a stick in the ground. Time was calculated by tracking the length and position of the sh... Read More »

When do the clocks go back to standard time?

Since the Standard Time Act in 1918, daylight saving time has gone through a few changes. The last change was the Energy Policy Act of 2005 which changed the starting and ending dates for daylight ... Read More »