The Disadvantages of Alcohol Thermometers?

Answer An alcohol thermometer is a commonplace item for many households. Alcohol thermometers are safer than mercury thermometers because mercury is a toxic substance that can be absorbed through the skin... Read More »

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Are glass oral thermometers more accurate than digital oral thermometers?

On One Hand: Digital is recommends using digital thermometers based on the fact that they are "inexpensive, widely available, and are the most accurate way to mea... Read More »

BBT and Regular Thermometers?

The only difference is that on a digital thermometer it only has 3 digits (99.9, for example) and on a basal thermometer it has 4 digits (99.99 for example). Basal more accurate, but if want you ca... Read More »

Different Types of Thermometers?

A thermometer is an instrument that measures temperature. The device has a receiver, such as a liquid or metal spring, that responds to the degree of heat or cold. Once the receiving agent has capt... Read More »

Are digital thermometers accurate?

A digital thermometer is the most accurate type of thermometer, according to the Ohio State University Medical Center. Digital thermometers are also called electronic thermometers. Digital thermome... Read More »