The Disadvantage of Rubber Strap Watch Bands?

Answer Watches with rubber bands can be cheaper and lighter than other watches, but there are disadvantaged you may want to consider prior to making a purchase. Rubber can cause chafing and skin irritatio... Read More »

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How to Use Rubber Bands?

Got these lying around?Have rubber bands lying around? Don’t know what to do with them? There are so many uses for them! Here are some ideas for making those rubber bands useful!

How are rubber bands manufactured?

Whether they end up twisted around bunches of pencils or bouquets of daffodils, most rubber bands begin their existence in a factory. Rubber bands' elasticity and flexibility make them very useful ... Read More »

How are rubber bands made?

Like paper clips, safety pins and other basic devices for holding objects together, rubber bands are among the most common household items. Transforming rubber into a rubber band is a multi-step pr... Read More »

Are rubber bands recyclable?

Rubber bands are recyclable, but few recycling facilities accept them because they are only equipped to reprocess certain products. To cut down on waste, save them for household use. You can also ... Read More »