The Different Parts of the Chisels?

Answer A chisel is a tool with a cutting edge and a handle grip. This type of cutting, carving and shaping tool is widely used in timber frame construction, furniture making, wooden shipbuilding and sculp... Read More »

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How do I sharpen chisels?

GrindUse a grinding wheel to grind the bevel (slanted edge of the chisel) to remove any nicks. Place the bevel on the wheel. Turn the power on, and move the chisel sideways and off of the wheel. Du... Read More »

How to Make Wood Chisels?

Commercial wood chisels are made from high-speed stainless steel --- a hard-to-obtain, hard-to-use and expensive tool. You can make wood chisels out of ordinary tools. The best homemade wood chisel... Read More »

How to Compare Ice Chisels & Ice Augers?

Ice chisels and ice augers are both tools used for ice fishing. While they are both necessary for determining where to drill and drilling your hole, they serve these necessities in very different w... Read More »

The Difference Between Hot and Cold Chisels?

A chisel is a metal, cylindrical hand tool with a wedge-shaped blade on one end and a striking surface at the other. Hot and cold chisels originated in the craft of blacksmithing. Cold chisels are ... Read More »