The Different Parts of a Generator?

Answer A generator is a machine used to convert mechanical energy into electricity. Powered by a fuel source such as oil, gasoline, wind or moving water, generators create electrical current through elec... Read More »

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Parts of a Windmill Generator?

Windmill generators, also known as wind turbines, produce a renewable form of energy, turning the power of the wind into electricity. Wind turbines use simple principles to generate power and are o... Read More »

Do you think coffee from different parts of the world tastes different, and if so, how?

Definitely.Coffee beans, like wine grapes develop their flavor characteristics from the soil and weather patterns in their growing areas. Too much or not enough water or sun and the flavor will cha... Read More »

Different Parts of the Globe?

The globe can be divided in a number of ways depending on the individual or organization doing the dividing and the purposes of the division. Historically, the globe has been divided by empires, tr... Read More »

Different Parts of the Flute?

While there are many different types of flute, the instrument most often heard is the metal-bodied transverse flute, with a mouthpiece that is played from the side. The instrument predates recorded... Read More »