The Different Parts of Plant Seeds?

Answer Just like an embryonic creature, a plant seed contains all the necessary organelles to eventually grow into a full plant. There are two main kinds of plant seeds, monocots and dicots, each producin... Read More »

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Different Parts Between a Papaya Plant & a Lily Plant?

Papayas are tropical plants that can grow into trees. They are cultivated for their fruit, and rarely are their flowers used for decorative purposes. Lilies, in contrast, are mainly used for decora... Read More »

Do you think coffee from different parts of the world tastes different, and if so, how?

Definitely.Coffee beans, like wine grapes develop their flavor characteristics from the soil and weather patterns in their growing areas. Too much or not enough water or sun and the flavor will cha... Read More »

After I plant my pumpkin seeds how often should I water the seeds?

Keep the soil moist until they sprout and have a few true leaves. When you have a larger plant a good soaking once or twice a week (depending on weather) is in order.

Can you plant cantaloupe seeds from fresh seeds?

Cantaloupe melons must be past the normal eating ripe stage for the interior seeds to be ready for planting. Wash off the pulp surrounding the over-ripe seeds and allow them to air dry before placi... Read More »