The Differences in the 2002 Ford Thunderbird Premium & Deluxe?

Answer In 2002, Ford reintroduced the classic 1950s two-seat cruiser-- the Thunderbird. The new design recalled the styling details of the original car while adding many new, modern features. The car came... Read More »

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2002 Ford Thunderbird Specifications?

The Ford Thunderbird started out in the 1950s, and the 2002 version was a continuation of the line. The 2002 Thunderbird came in Deluxe and Premium editions, and each edition also came in hardtop. ... Read More »

What are the differences in the 2009 thunderbird and the 1960 thunderbird?

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Specifications for a 2002 Mercury Sable LS Premium Sedan 4D?

The 2002 Mercury Sable is a four-door sedan available in three different versions. Among them is the LS Premium, which features a more powerful engine than the other versions. The LS Premium initia... Read More »

How to Take a Door Panel off of a '96 Ford Thunderbird?

The door panels on a 1996 Ford Thunderbird cover the entire interior surface of both doors. Each panel houses the door pull cup, power window switch, and the power lock switch. These panels are sec... Read More »