The Differences in Police Sheriffs & Marshalls?

Answer The primary difference between the police, sheriff and marshal is their jurisdictional areas. The police department operates within the city limits, but their jurisdiction can, under certain circum... Read More »

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What is the rank structure of a sheriffs department?

No one answer- varies department to department. It may be a large complex agency, like the LA Sheriff's Dept, or a rural county with a Sheriff and an Undersheriff.

I would like to have time to volunteer with the sheriffs department as a Reserve Officer?

As a member of a very active Wilderness Search and Rescue team (volunteers working with the Sheriff’s department), and its Medical Director for more than 25 years, I can tell you that being an Em... Read More »

90's police show where police use cars and money they confiscate from criminals All undercover police drive nice cars taken from criminals?

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Can a police scanner detect a police man even if he doesn't have his radar gun out?

A police scanner does not receive radar signals. Scanners only receive radio signals. To detect a radar signal, you would need a radar detector.