The Differences in Imply and Infer?

Answer Odds are you have heard the expression, "What are you implying?" at least once in your life. If not, perhaps someone has asked, "What are you inferring?" Depending on the circumstance, the person s... Read More »

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Does a certificate of insurance imply insurance at the certificate holder location or does it just imply that the insured has insurance?

What do you infer to be the author's attitude toward Emily Grierson?

Faulkner appeared to have the goal of wishing the reader to be aware that a change in a person's (Emily's) mental state could be reflected by a corresponding change in physical appearance.

What does 'encopresis' imply?

Encopresis is the abnormal holding of feces whereby the child refuses to use the toilet. Usually aggressive medical intervention is need to alleviate the problem.

What does enuresis imply in childhood?

Enuresis is a cndition whereby a child who is usually toilet trained will urinate while sleeping and be totally unaware of it. Medical intervention is needed to rectify the problem. You have wet yo... Read More »