The Differences in Expository & Technical Writing?

Answer Of the four types of writing -- descriptive, expository, narrative and persuasive -- the most fact-based style is expository writing. Because the purpose of expository writing is to provide clear e... Read More »

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The Difference Between Technical Writing & Expository Writing?

Just as in face-to-face conversation, writing can be designed to accomplish different tasks or to leave varying effects. It is in this sense that we discover the primary differences between exposit... Read More »

Expository Writing Activities for K-3?

While it is important for kindergartners and early elementary students to learn creative writing techniques, it is equally as important for them to learn how to write about facts. Expository writin... Read More »

How to Structure Expository Writing?

Expository writing is a type of essay or paper consisting of an idea or thesis that must be formulated and then researched. Students normally learn expository writing in high school; it appears fre... Read More »

Expository Types of Writing?

Expository writing typically takes the form of an essay in which the writer must explore an idea through thorough investigation. This involves explaining and elaborating on the idea, analyzing and ... Read More »