The Differences in Coatings in Painting?

Answer In most paint jobs, the painters add a primer and then put on a finish paint. Finish paints are either water-based latex or oil-based alkyd. Latex has many more advantages over alkyd, including a l... Read More »

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How to Polish Ceramic Coatings?

Ceramic coatings are used on exhaust components in order to keep this area of your car from overheating. They are extremely durable, and as long as you do not try to sand them or attack them with s... Read More »

How to Apply Roofing Coatings?

Roof coatings are liquids that are similar to paint, but they form a reflective surface when they dry. Apply them to metal roofs such as those on mobile homes, sheds or other residential buildings.... Read More »

Concrete Coatings for Showers?

Concrete coatings for showers can provide an alternative to more traditional tile finishes. The coatings produced for these showers mimic the feel, look and texture of actual concrete to provide a ... Read More »

The Types of Industrial Floor Coatings?

Industrial floor coatings are designed for frequent use by large pieces of equipment. These coatings are primarily used in two different areas: residential garages where cars and trucks frequently ... Read More »