The Differences & Similarities Between Knowledge & Mind Mapping?

Answer The brain works through collections of stored knowledge and the vast connections that are formed between those areas of knowledge. The storage of knowledge and the technique of mind-mapping are bot... Read More »

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Difference Between Linear Note Taking & Mind Mapping?

Many students who are good at note taking don't excel on exams and tests because the method they are using is not appropriate to the way their brain works. While a vast majority of people take line... Read More »

Similarities & Differences Between Poetry & Rap?

Rap is one of the biggest selling music genres today, and many rap artists also consider themselves modern day poets, as do their fans. Whether you prefer poetry over rap or the other way around, ... Read More »

What Are the Similarities & Differences Between the Sun & Jupiter?

The sun is a star and Jupiter is a planet. Specifically, Jupiter is the largest planet that revolves around the sun, and it has several characteristics that make it similar to the sun, including co... Read More »

Differences and similarities between polio and botulism?

They both can paralyze you.One is a virus and the other is from bacteria.