The Differences Between White & Black Oak Trees?

Answer White oak (Quercus alba) and black oak (Quercus nigra) both grow in a wide variety of habitats and soils. Both are tall and long-lived, with some trees lasting more than 400 years and reaching heig... Read More »

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What Are the Differences in Black & White Photography Formats?

Photographic film was invented in the late 19th century. Before that, photographs were made on glass negatives, paper negatives or on metal, as in tintypes and daguerreotypes, . The development of ... Read More »

The Differences Between Palm Trees & Palmetto Trees?

While they are all members of the Arecaceae family, palmettos (Sabal adans.) and palms are not the same plants. Only a few palm trees such as the Everglades palm (Acoelorraphe wrightii), Florida si... Read More »

These words - 'BLACK' and 'WHITE' - are they colours If so, can I call my black n white TV a coloured TV?

OMG I can't believe these people here who are answering your question think that you are being serious about this.

Black woman has baby with a white man is the child white or black?

well it depends on how WHITE and BLACK the two people are, if the dad isn't that dark but the mom is pretty white it would most likely be a baby with a TINY bit dark skin but if the mom is really w... Read More »