The Differences Between Slim Fit & Normal Men's T-Shirts?

Answer T-shirts refer to short-sleeved shirts of a simple four-piece design with a front, two single-piece sleeves and a back. In most cases they lack a collar and have knit finishing at the neck. T-shirt... Read More »

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(UK) Where can i buy mens slim-fit school trousers?

Hey Joe. :DWearing a trouser needs to be formal. But, if you wish to wear it in skinny to be more stylish. There's no problem with that. As an avid fan of fashion, I suggest you to take a glance at... Read More »

Do Insta-Slim Shirts really work?

Sure they work, they are just a girdle for men. All they do is squeeze all the fat closer together and it all flops right back out once you take the girdle off.

What are differences between powdered milk and normal milk?

Boobs? haha funny. Both powdered and liquid milk are obtained from cows. It's just that powdered milk have better preservation than liquid milk. I mean they can last long without getting spoiled or... Read More »

What are the differences between free form digital progressive lens and normal progressive lens?

Donna just made good points about free form lens. One thing I know is that free form digital progressive lens are much more expensive than normal lens, progressive or bifocal. I was once told that ... Read More »