The Differences Between Promissory Notes & Checks?

Answer You likely won't see a promissory note until you need to borrow an amount of money from a lender. A promissory note and check are both financial instruments. One document promises to repay a partic... Read More »

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Who can endorse promissory notes?

Promissory notes, agreements to repay a loan with interest per specified terms, are endorsed by the borrower. Once the note is endorsed to the delegated underwriting and servicing (DUS) lender, thi... Read More »

Do promissory notes have to be witnessed?

According to, there is no requirement that a promissory note must be signed before a witness or notary public. However, having a third party witness the signing of a promissory note is... Read More »

Information on Legal Promissory Notes?

A promissory note is a written agreement to repay a loan, including information on who is involved, the debt amount, how repayment will occur (through payments or the total amount on demand, and wh... Read More »

Is it necessary to notarize promissory notes in Illinois?

Illinois law follows the Uniform Commercial Code - Negotiable Instruments; there is no requirement that a promissory note be notarized. All that is required for a promissory note is a written promi... Read More »