The Differences Between Fixed & Adjustable Loans?

Answer Banks offer a wide range of loans that cover anything from a small personal loan up to a mortgage on a home. Two common types of loans include fixed and adjustable loans. Banks tell borrowers up fr... Read More »

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Fixed Vs. Adjustable Mortgage?

You have many decisions to make when you are purchasing a home. One of them is whether you should choose a fixed-rate or an adjustable-rate mortgage. A fixed rate is typically the safer choice for ... Read More »

How do i calculate fixed rate loans?

Use a Loan CalculatorAccess Click the "Calculators" option at the top of the home page. Click the "Personal Finance" option in the calculators box. Click the "Calculate Your Payment a... Read More »

About Auto Loans for People With Fixed Income?

People with a fixed income are forced to budget purchases. Banks have various requirements for an individual in determining whether or not to extend a loan. Fixed incomes can prove to be favorable ... Read More »

Why Do Fixed Loan Interest Payments Vary on Home Equity Loans?

Fixed interest rate loans have the same financing cost for the entire time they are active. However, just because the interest does not vary, the payment amount is not set in stone. Depending on ho... Read More »