The Differences Between Fact & Opinion?

Answer The line between fact and opinion can be somewhat confusing -- as sometimes the phrase, "That's just your opinion!" implies that the speaker is, in fact, incorrect. In actuality, the difference bet... Read More »

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Fact and Opinion Games for Kids?

Teaching students the difference between fact and opinion is an example of a higher order thinking question that educators pose to students to encourage higher level thinking. Teachers do not have ... Read More »

Question about Pinterest (Your opinion not a fact thing)?

I don't spend a lot of time on Pinterest, but my inclination would be to break up any board with thousands of pins into multiple smaller boards with a more specific focus. If I like one of your bo... Read More »

What are the differences between liability rates between different auto insurance companies?

There are too many differences to answer that question. To many variables that affect premiums.

How to Explain the Difference Between Theory, Law, and a Fact?

If you asked most people to define "theory", they might correctly say that it is a statement intended to explain a phenomenon. If you asked those same people, "how certain is a theory?" They might ... Read More »