The Differences Between Dutch & German?

Answer If you are thinking about learning to speak Dutch or German, you will notice both languages are similar. However, the Dutch language is easier to speak and to pick up. German might seem a little co... Read More »

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Differences Between Dutch and Inside Out French Braids?

The braid is often synonymous with a fresh face, free of adornment, for the weaving of the hair is decoration in itself. However, there are a variety of ways to braid hair, with the end results var... Read More »

Seventeenth Century Differences Between Dutch & Italian Paintings?

Many art historians refer to 17th century painting as simply "Baroque." However, painting styles, technique and subject matter actually varied significantly over the course of the period. Italy, pa... Read More »

Differences Between German & Japanese?

Japan and Germany differ in a number of ways, but no area is more different than language. The basic structure of German will be familiar to most English speakers, while Japanese differs in almost ... Read More »

What Are the Differences Between Masculine, Feminine & Neutral in the German Language?

Every German noun has a gender; it can be masculine, feminine or neuter. You probably never suspected that a chair is male or a window is female, but in German, it's true. While there are a few rul... Read More »