The Differences Between Car Wax & Car Polish?

Answer Even among knowledgeable car buffs, a controversy persists over when it's appropriate to apply car wax to your vehicle and when you should use car polish. And with constantly improved formulas for ... Read More »

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Differences Between Polish & Slavic?

Poles are Slavic, but assumptions that all Slavic people share a similar history, are incorrect. Soviet dominance of Slavic countries in the latter part of the 20th century was brief, and does not ... Read More »

I must be allergic to nail polish. is there a polish i can use that won't give me a rash?

Nail Polish isn't just made up of one specific thing. You have to see what individual thing(s) you're allergic to. Say you used a polish with formaldehyde, maybe you're allergic to that... there ar... Read More »

Can You Polish Fake Fingernails With Regular Nail Polish?

Fake nails are designed to look as genuine as possible and usually mimic real nails in terms of shape, color and texture. As such, it is possible to paint fake nails just as you would real nails. Y... Read More »

Can mansion polish be used to polish marble floors?

I can tell you of an Indian brand of wax polish which has more than 60 years of rich history behind it - Dazlo (Regd.) Wax Polish. It is pure and is being made from the most traditional waxes from ... Read More »