The Differences Between Bribes & Lures?

Answer All living things respond to incentives. This idea forms the cornerstone of behavior management; by using incentives and disencentives, you can mold animal and human behavior to your expectations. ... Read More »

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How to Resist Bribes?

This article will teach you how to resist the temptation of a bribe. For example, your friend has told you a deep, dark secret...after seeing her whisper in your ear, Gossip Jane comes over and off... Read More »

How to Use Swivels With Lures?

Dig deep into the corners of your tackle box or bag and you may just find a swivel. Swivels are pieces of terminal tackle that seem to end up strewn about the box or bag and often not paid much att... Read More »

How to Airbrush Lures?

Creating your own lures is a way to keep yourself busy with fishing-related activities whenever you are not able to actually be out fishing. Many people design, carve and paint their own lures. Whe... Read More »

What lures do bass like?

On One Hand: Plastics Should Be in Your Tackle BoxPlastics are by far the top bass lure. They are versatile and come in many colors and patterns, and anglers will find an ideal match for all bass f... Read More »