The Difference in an AAS & an AS Degree?

Answer Students earning an associate degree can usually expect one of two outcomes from their education: a higher starting salary and better employment prospects at their desired career, or solid preparat... Read More »

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What Is the Difference in a Fine Arts Degree & an Art Degree?

At the undergraduate and graduate levels, there are several important differences between art and fine arts degrees. While most colleges and universities offer both options, each cater to different... Read More »

The Difference in the PhD Degree Vs. the PharmD Degree?

Graduating with a PhD degree allows students access to careers in various industries within the private and public sector. Similarly, graduates with the PharmD degree also have access to rewarding ... Read More »

The Difference Between an Art Degree and a Science Degree?

Bachelor's degrees within a major are not always the same; the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science designations sometimes are awarded for the same major depending on a student's course of stud... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between an Associate in Arts Degree & an Associate in Science Degree?

Associate degrees provide two years of full-time study. This type of academic degree provides a basic grounding in the humanities as well as the core curriculum of arts or science courses. Although... Read More »