The Difference in Cooking With Wood Chips vs. Charcoal?

Answer Gas grills may be convenient, but for some, nothing beats the taste of food cooked over charcoal. But even those who would rather go hungry than cook on a gas grill will argue about whether to use ... Read More »

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Im cooking dinner tonight, what else can i have with chips?

How about Steak and horseradish (or ketchup) with chips...a classic!

How to BBQ With Wood Chips?

Wood chips are used in grilling to add an extra flavor to meats such as hamburgers, chicken, pork chops and steaks during the grilling process. They can be purchased from many grocery stores or mad... Read More »

How to Heat With Wood Chips?

Wood chips are an attractive and practical heating option because they are a form of renewable biomass that is readily available across the United States. Purchasing locally produced wood chips ben... Read More »

How do I amend soil with wood chips?

Buy or Make Wood ChipsWood chips can be purchased at any garden center or home improvement store, or they can be made by putting dead trees through a wood chipper.Compost Wood Chips FirstAdd wood c... Read More »