The Difference Between an Aquifer and the Water Table?

Answer The water table and an aquifer are terms used when discussing groundwater. The major difference between the two terms is that the water table references a specific portion of groundwater and an aqu... Read More »

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What is the difference between spring water, purified water, distilled water and drinking water?

Distilled water is water that has virtually all of its impurities removed through distillation. Distillation involves boiling the water and re-condensing the steam into a clean container, leaving m... Read More »

Which Source Can Contain an Aquifer?

According to the United States Geological Survey, most aquifers in the United States exist in five separate categories. An aquifer is a source of underground water. It may exist as a large open poo... Read More »

How Does a Heavy Flood Affect an Aquifer?

An aquifer, or groundwater, is an underground body of porous and water-permeable rock, often comprising sandstone, unconsolidated sand and gravel, volcanic rocks, conglomerate and fractured limesto... Read More »

What is the origin of the name of the Edwards-Trinity Aquifer?

The Edwards-Trinity aquifer system includes the Edwards aquifer, the Trinity aquifer and the Edwards-Trinity aquifer, where the two are connected. The Edwards aquifer is named after the Edwards Pla... Read More »