The Difference Between a Kinetic Watch and a Regular Watch?

Answer A kinetic watch tells time. However, it is has many differences in comparison to a regular watch. The biggest difference is the power it uses to tell time. Does this Spark an idea?

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What is an automatic kinetic watch?

An automatic kinetic watch is one that automatically utilizes the movement of the wearer to generate its own electric charge to operate the watch. Seiko released its first kinetic watch prototype a... Read More »

How long does a kinetic watch last?

Kinetic watches are designed to derive energy from movement. This means that as long as you're wearing the watch it is receiving energy to run. Most new kinetic watches now include a battery that s... Read More »

In what year was the first Seiko kinetic watch made?

Seiko introduced its first kinetic watch prototype in 1986 at the Basel Fair. In 1988, Seiko started manufacturing kinetic watches for distribution, and by 2007 they had sold more than 8 million ki... Read More »

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