The Difference Between Symbols and Motifs?

Answer In high school, students begin learning about the different literary devices authors use to convey the nuances of their stories. In addition to allowing the students to be able to discuss literatur... Read More »

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What i the difference between mac and normal pc's i want a mac but whats the difference?

Whats difference between 16mm and 35mm and other mm in cameras i mean any performace difference ?

There are two meanings of "mm" in cameras.One is the size of the film in film cameras. The standard compact, SLR and disposable cameras used 35mm film. This had a frame measurement of 24mm x 36mm... Read More »

How to Find Motifs?

The study of literature is much more than simply reading words on a page. It also involves critical analysis and deconstruction of a text trying to understand an author's techniques in exploring so... Read More »

The Influences of Egyptian Motifs?

Egyptian motifs began appearing in Greek and Roman artifacts and architecture, continuing up to modern civilizations in one form or another. However, Egyptomania took on a life of its own after the... Read More »