The Difference Between Subwoofers & Speakers?

Answer Just like you have tenors, basses, sopranos and altos in a choir, different sizes of speakers handle different ranges better. This is why a speaker system generally has more than one actual speaker... Read More »

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Can bookshelf speakers be used as subwoofers?

What is the difference active subwoofers and passive ones?

Passive = subwoofer, non-amplifiedActive = subwoofer, with amplifier (normally built-in)H a p p yH o m eT h e a t e r i n g !Xe♫

Whats the difference between computer 5.1 surround speakers and home system speakers?

What is the difference between bicycle breaks and breaks on your car?Size.Computer speakers are self-contained and designed to surround 1 person at a desk with sound.Home theater gear is "room fill... Read More »

The Difference in Stereo Speakers & Guitar Amp Speakers?

As guitarists continue to seek more representative sound from their gear, knowing the differences between guitar amp speakers and stereo speakers is becoming more important for audiophiles as well ... Read More »