The Difference Between Solar & Lunar Years?

Answer A solar year is calculated based on the movements of the sun, whereas a lunar year is based on the movements of the moon. Compared to a lunar calendar, a solar calendar is widely used across the gl... Read More »

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What Factors Prevent Total Lunar & Solar Eclipses From Occurring Every New & Full Moon?

Few heavenly events have inspired as much human fascination as lunar and solar eclipses. There are fully or partially documented eclipse observations by ancient Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, and Irish ... Read More »

The Difference Between a Solar System & a Galaxy?

Outer space, the region beginning at the upper reaches of Earth's thin atmosphere, is unimaginably vast. Even the most powerful telescopes have not revealed the edges of the universe, even though t... Read More »

How to Photograph a Lunar Eclipse?

An almost complete lunar eclipseAnyone with a camera can shoot a photograph of a lunar eclipse, but there are certain things that you need to do to make sure that they are good photos. Read this ar... Read More »

Who invented the lunar spacecraft?

NASA . But the one who designed the Lunar Spacecraft is a Filipino . Eduardo San Juan . He is a graduate of Mapua Institute Of Technology In the Philippines . He worked worked for Lockheed Corporat... Read More »