The Difference Between Program Memory and Storage Memory for Windows Mobile 6.1?

Answer Windows Mobile 6.1 devices contain two types of internal memory, program memory and storage memory. Both serve completely different functions; the amount of each defines aspects of the device's per... Read More »

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What is the difference between memory and disk storage?

Memory and disk storage both refer to internal storage space in a computer.The term memory usually means RAM (Random Access Memory). To refer to hard drive storage, the terms disk space or storage ... Read More »

How to Adjust Memory Allocation in Windows Mobile 6?

The memory of your Windows Mobile 6 may be allocated in its main system, running programs or storage card. In cases when your main system can no longer hold all the files stored in the program, you... Read More »

How to Use My SD Card as the Main Memory on Windows Mobile?

If you use your Windows smart phone to store and use a lot of data, your hard disk space to can run low quickly. It may be a good option to consider external storage devices to store important data... Read More »

What is the major difference between cache memory and ram(main memory)?

Cache is memory built directly onto the cpu itself and is therefore incredibly faster but usually very small (less than 6mb most of the time for even the newest processor) ram memory is the next fa... Read More »