The Difference Between Pity and Compassion?

Answer The definitions of pity and compassion are similar, but the words have different connotations. Compassion is seen as a positive personality trait, while pity has negative associations. Pity implies... Read More »

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How to Respond when Someone Is Showing Pity on You?

When someone is showing you pity, it's always difficult to know just how you should react to the consolations they are giving you. Hopefully, this advice will help you learn how to react in the rig... Read More »

I'm having a pity party tonight and you are all invited! What are you going to bring with you?

I have the family jewels in a wheelbarrow I push in front of me.

What 80's TV show starred the man who coined the term you pity the fool?

How to Have Self Compassion?

Having self compassion is most important because if you can't love yourself than you can't love anyone.