The Difference Between Petroleum & Propane Gas?

Answer Petroleum and its products provide the majority of energy humans consume. Strictly speaking, petroleum refers only to crude oil, a naturally-occurring, flammable, liquid hydrocarbon. Propane, also ... Read More »

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Difference Between Vaseline & Petroleum Jelly?

Vaseline is a common household product used by many people as a skin protectant, lubricant and for the house. Although Vaseline and petroleum jelly are relatively cheap product with many uses, some... Read More »

Is it possible to fill a 18 % pre set 100 gallon propane tank with 115 gallons of propane?

The size of the storage tank as stated on the rating plate is when it is 100% full and is measured in US water gallons. So if indeed it is a 100 gallon tank you could never get 115 gallons in it re... Read More »

Do propane grills use vapor or liquid propane?

Propane grills use liquid propane, also known as LP, for cooking fuel. In the United States, the most common tank sizes are refillable 20-pound tanks for home grills and disposable 1-pound tanks f... Read More »

How much propane is burned in an hour with a propane furnace?

A 400,000 BTU propane furnace that runs at 100 percent capacity will burn 4.4 gallons of propane per hour. A 200,000 BTU furnace running at 100 percent capacity will burn 2.2 gallons per hour.Refer... Read More »