The Difference Between Old & New Immigrants?

Answer Since 1886, Lady Liberty has held up her torch as a beacon of freedom for those who would seek a better life within America's borders. Her call was open-ended, and all were welcome. "Give me your t... Read More »

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How Can We Make a Difference to Immigrants?

Ever since the first European settlers were welcomed by Native Americans, America has been a nation of immigrants. Most of us do not need to recall too many generations back to trace the roots of o... Read More »

Difference Between Native Born & Immigrants?

Legal citizenship and its rights is an important issue in American politics. The country has experienced a tumultuous history regarding citizenship rights of minorities, until enactment of the the ... Read More »

Why do immigrants come to the u.s.?

The United States is a nation of immigrants. From the English settlers of the 17th century to contemporary immigrants from Asia and Latin America, immigrants have come to the U.S. for various reaso... Read More »

How to Get a GED for Immigrants?

When immigrants enter the United States, they may find that the educational credentials they earned in their home countries are not valid, according to the American Council on Education. Refugees m... Read More »