The Difference Between Hot & Cold Molecules?

Answer Temperature is ultimately a measure of molecular movement. The higher the temperature, the more the molecules of a body agitate and move. Some bodies, such as gases, are ideal to observe the impact... Read More »

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Difference between Hay fever and cold?

Hay fever is caused by a reaction to allergens.A cold comes from a virus.

What is the difference between a cold and the flu?

They are caused by different viruses and have slightly different symptoms. See related question below for the symptoms of the A-H1N1/09 "Swine Flu". The symptoms of the cold and flu can be hard t... Read More »

The Difference Between Hot and Cold Chisels?

A chisel is a metal, cylindrical hand tool with a wedge-shaped blade on one end and a striking surface at the other. Hot and cold chisels originated in the craft of blacksmithing. Cold chisels are ... Read More »

What is the difference between a cold and an allergy?

Cold and allergy symptoms can often be similar, making it difficult to tell which condition a person has. There are some differences however, in the characteristics of each condition.ColdsColds are... Read More »