The Difference Between Fuel Sending Units & Fuel Pumps?

Answer Fuel systems are fairly simple as a whole; a pump send fuel through the lines, which feed the carburetor or fuel injectors. However, in the midst of that simplicity lay a number of different compon... Read More »

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How to Test Fuel Sending Units?

The fuel-sending unit in your vehicle is mounted inside the fuel tank. These units come equipped with a variable resistor connected to a float through a long wire. The float swings up and down depe... Read More »

Can i use 2 fuel pumps on my car?

On One Hand: Not NecessaryUnless you're running a massively powerful race engine (1,500 horsepower and up), it's not hard to find a single, fairly inexpensive pump capable of flowing enough fuel fo... Read More »

Why Do Fuel Pumps Go Bad?

Most used car owners are required to replace many parts of their automobiles, including the fuel pump. Though all parts will with time need replacing, an effort can be made to extend the life of a ... Read More »

How to Know if Fuel Pumps Went Out?

Most vehicles on the road today come with an electric fuel pump installed. The fuel pump sits inside the gas tank of the vehicle and takes fuel from the tank and pushes it into the fuel lines. Beca... Read More »