The Difference Between French Saute & Asian Stir Fry?

Answer Sauteing and stir frying are two of the fundamental cooking techniques of French and Chinese cooking. Although both techniques involve cooking food over very high heat in a small amount of fat, the... Read More »

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What is baby corn in asian stir fry?

If you eat Asian food often, you may have noticed--and enjoy--the small ears of corn that are in stir fry and other vegetable dishes. Finding out a little more about baby corn may also inspire you ... Read More »

What is the difference between Asian and African elephant ivory?

Ivory has been in demand for centuries, valued for its beauty in carving. There are subtle differences, however, been Asian and African ivory.IdentificationMerriam Webster Online defines "ivory" as... Read More »

Difference Between French & Baguette Bread?

Baguette bread has become a symbol of France, with its distinctive long shape. It is a staple of French diets and is sold all over France, the price being set by the government. In addition to ba... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a French Braid & Corn Rows?

Braided hairstyles are an attractive and convenient way to keep hair out of the face. Depending on your hair type, including length, thickness and texture, either the French braiding method or the ... Read More »