The Difference Between Exit & Die in Perl?

Answer The nature of Perl means that functions often form part of another command, working in the background. The functions "die" and "exit" are examples of this kind of interaction. The "die" function ul... Read More »

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Is CGI and PERL coding the same?

CGI is a program that runs on the web server. CGI can be written in Perl if you like. But you can also use ASP, PHP, C, C++, Linux shell, Java, C#, Lisp, Pascal, Modula in fact just about any langu... Read More »

How to Learn Perl?

Learning a programming language like Perl can seem quite daunting. It's a complex and powerful language, however, it's not that difficult to pick up. With the right tutorials and expert guidance in... Read More »

How to Convert XLS to CSV on Perl?

Companies commonly use Excel to store tables of data. Often, those companies will find a use for that data that requires converting it into a different format for other software to use. But Excel f... Read More »

What does perl 925 mean on jewelry?

The "925" insignia that is often stamped on jewelry is a reference that can be used to determine if the object is sterling silver. The "925" stamp indicates that the jewelry object is an alloy made... Read More »