The Difference Between Cluster & Factor Analysis?

Answer Cluster analysis and factor analysis are two statistical methods of data analysis. These two forms of analysis are heavily used in the natural and behavior sciences. Both cluster analysis and facto... Read More »

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Exploratory Factor Analysis & Factor Extraction Techniques?

Factor analysis, a common technique of analysis in behavior, social and natural sciences, is most often performed in its "exploratory" form. This form allows a researcher to use techniques to extra... Read More »

The Difference Between Algebra & Analysis?

The difference between algebra and analysis is in part semantics, since they overlap. Analysis is a broader term than algebra, encompassing nearly every branch of mathematics and many other discipl... Read More »

Whats the difference between max factor and mac makeup ?

mac is just a better and more quality brand. all their makeup and brushes are much better quality and thats what your paying is the one thing when i say to spend the money on instead of ... Read More »

The Difference Between Analysis & Findings in a Research Paper?

The exact format of a research paper varies across disciplines, but they share certain features in common. They have the following sections (which may have different names in different fields): Int... Read More »