The Difference Between Bass Amp Vs. Lead Amp?

Answer The electric guitar and bass are a lot of fun to play. But to really get the full experience, you need to connect your guitar or bass to an amplifier. But what kind? Amplifier manufacturers make se... Read More »

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You are the singer in a rock'n'roll band. Who would you want on lead guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, etc?

Vocals and Keyboard:Burton CummingsLead Guitar:Ted Nuggent,Carlos SantanaRhythm Guitar and lead Writter: Randy BachmanBass:John PattitucciDrums:Dave WecklExtra Percussion:Alex AcunaFun question...T... Read More »

What is the difference between these two bass amps?

Aluminum cone speakers are a LOT stiffer than paper or poly cones. In my opinion and experience, they are more efficient at producing bass. I like the sound of aluminum bass cones better, too. T... Read More »

What's the difference between increasing a stereo's bass signal and just amplifying it?

The problem you have is getting just a bass signal, not the whole frequency range. You need a cross-over to seperate the lows from the mids and highs so you can get the low end boost you need. If... Read More »

Difference Between Lead & Zinc Wheel Weights?

Vehicles need to have their tires balanced so that they ride uniformly down the road. Different types of wheel weights exist, including zinc and lead. Lead, however, has been the most commonly used... Read More »