The Deserts at Night?

Answer Deserts are ecosystems characterized by extreme heat, sun exposure, intense temperature variation and a lack of water. Nighttime in the desert sees a quick cooling of the air temperature as the sun... Read More »

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Parasitism in Deserts?

The word parasite has a negative connotation because by definition a parasitic organism lives by draining resources from another living thing. As a result, the parasite benefits while sometimes har... Read More »

Habitats in Deserts?

Deserts cover around 20 percent of the earth's surface, and are harsh and hostile places, making life in deserts extremely difficult for the creatures that inhabit them. The temperature fluctuates ... Read More »

Are deserts fertile?

While most deserts sustain life, they are not inherently fertile. However, small pools of fertility bloom around desert oasis', and, also, large swaths of desert land may be able to become fertile ... Read More »

Mongolian Deserts?

Located in southern Mongolia and northwestern China, the Gobi desert is the world's fifth-largest desert, spanning 1.3 million square kilometers. Due to the large size and inhospitable climate and ... Read More »