The Definition of 'Total Shareholder Return'?

Answer Total shareholder return, according to a definition on the Financial Times website, refers to capital accumulation in the form of dividends and stock appreciation. An investor creates value by hold... Read More »

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How do i calculate the average annual percentage return on the initial shareholder's investment?

Determining ReturnDivide the profit from the investment for year one by the initial investment. Repeat this step for each year you are calculating the annual percentage return on initial investment... Read More »

How to Calculate Bond Total Return?

Although you may buy bonds to support a particular organization or individual, ultimately the purpose of buying any investment vehicle is to make money. Once you've sold a bond for its present cash... Read More »

What does total state owed mean on a tax return?

State tax returns calculate how much income tax you owe your state for a given year. As part of that calculation, every return will give a "total state tax owed" figure.Adjusted Gross IncomeIn ord... Read More »

Definition of a Return on Equity Ratio?

The return on equity ratio is a tool used to measure the financial well-being of a company. The ratio measures how much money a company earns compared to how much shareholder equity is in the compa... Read More »